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Trade Agreements with Zento

zento-nanakothecook-foodsamplesBianca went out to visit the Imperial Trade Minister at the city of Zento. She wanted to be sure we had our trade agreements in place with the city, since our previous ones had expired. She has been helping me a lot with our business affairs since Pandora’s … well. I am grateful for her help. Armand is back at the helm of the Palisades in Paris, and he has plenty of help to clean the place up and re-open the theatre so both of them thought it would be prudent for her to stay in Sosaria and aid me.

Louis seems to want to stick around. I am unsure if its his desire to stay with his family after years of isolation or just his desire to be around his maker, Lestat.  They have much unfinished business, I can tell. It would be good if those two came to an accordance. I enjoy seeing my family content and productive.  However that turns out, Lestat is certainly making quite the splash around here. Edwin is up in arms about it all. He never quite liked my affection of him, then again… most don’t.

zento-nanakothecook-helloAt any rate, its important to keep the Brew well stocked and since we’ve had such great feedback from our visitors about the food we serve, its important to ensure we secure our trade agreements with neighboring towns.  I have re-established our leases of South Jhelom, now Bianca is taking charge of the Zento deal.  Apparently they welcomed her and served her samples of the food, which of course is hard for her to take. But she certainly has mastered the art of illusion when it comes to such things.  She is of quite the age, so some things she can actually tolerate. The green tea for example, no longer makes her wretch with pain and vomit… ’tis the same with the plain miso soup.

zento-nanakothecook-negotiationsThe locals were pleased for the business so they really pulled out the red carpet for her. The lady that runs the kitchen there, her name is Nanako. Bianca spoke with her directly to ensure she can deliver such a large order every month, and surely she said she could. The terms were agreeable with only a slight increase in price from that of late 2011. With the tariff to the Empress included, it totaled $10,000 gold.  Not too shabby! I was proud to see that Bianca negotiated with Nanako to get us the best, fairest price for the goods we require. She’s always been a fierce business woman. It was what originally attracted me to her.

zento-tradeministerAfter all was said and done, Bianca had to visit the Imperial Minister of Trade so that she could get her documents stamped and signed. She paid the fees necessary and sat and waited for the Minister to call for her.  The assistant escorted her up to meet with him. The Minister is a short elder man by the name of Ihara Soko; we’ve dealt with him for years now.

About Marius de Romanus

Marius de Romanus

Full Name: Marius de Romanus
Birth Name: Marius Antonius Romanus
Origin: Roman
Birthday: Unknown, 85 BC.
Hair Color: Light, almost platinum blonde.
Eye Color: Deep ocean blue.
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 185 lbs.
Markings:  Vertical scar across his left flank as a result of a sword gash from his Legionnaire days.
Race: Human
Affliction: Vampire
Maker: Mael
Mate: Pandora de Romanus
Guild Rank: Imperator (Leader)
Guild Subgroup: High Council President
Order House: House Romanus, Leader
City: Vamp’s Lair
Age: 2,100
Mortal Age: 40
Masquerade Use: 90%

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