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Market Day @ the Trade Center of Umbra, Feb. 19th at 8 PM EST

Trade Center of Umbra

Trade Center of Umbra

Held at the Trade Center of Umbra, located in West Umbra just past the West Bridge of the city on Umbra’s Main Street beginning at 8 PM EST.

Anyone wishing to set up shop can contact Pandora directly to do so.  Shopkeeps will have 15 minutes to set up their booths, prior to the event start.

Leader of the Children of Darkness
Imperator of Umbra
Countess of Britain

About Pandora de Romanus

Pandora de Romanus

Full Name: Pandora de Romanus
Birth Name: Lydia Atia Pompeia
Origin: Roman
Birthday: Unknown, ~15 BC.
Race: Human
Affliction: Vampire
Maker: Marius de Romanus
Mate: Marius de Romanus
Coven Rank: Imperator (Leader)
Guild Subgroup: High Council, Vice President
City: Vamp’s Lair
Age: 2,028
Mortal Age: 35
Masquerade Use: 80%

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