The Others


Va’lis Razele has been murdered!  Held captive by the Guardians for his crimes against Laurana, he was murdered in cold blood without a proper trial. Pandora wants Eban’s head on a spit!  She had grown to love Va’lis and her despair at his untimely end, the true death, had left her inconsolable.  In his will he had left his most valuable possessions to her, a last show of good faith on the part of a vampire that had been so misunderstood. His beloved companions, who at one point had been ordered to chew her up and spit her out by Va’lis himself, the charge of one of his progeny — Isonu, and the care of the Blackrock Sword that had poisoned him and driven him to the point of insanity.

Pandora had hoped she would be able to save him! But that is now an impossibility.  Or is it?


To find the others, the Razele clan, and recover the lost journals that hold the key to Va’lis’ own special brand of magic.


The Others

Isonu had come to us in search of refuge. His tale told the story of how Va’lis Razele succumbed to the powerful allure of dark magic that had been somehow fused into a rare artifact known as “The Blackrock Sword”. Now it all made sense to me, his affinity for...Read More »

The Blackrock's Power

The Children gathered at our new coven’s headquarters. Pandora awaited my presence with angst; looking at her watch several times. I had to go to the Catacombs to retrieve a special object that we had been entrusted with. It was time to show the coven what we were up against.

Once...Read More »

Torn Notes from a Journal

Reports surfaced today that part of the journal notes may have been found. Only that when found, they were immediately taken. Isonu was not able to hold off these two assailants and they got away with whatever was found. Isonu tells me this occurred by the Fan Dancers in Tokonu....Read More »

Deadly Beauty

Upon orders from our coven leader Marius, we were to venture into the great isles of Tokuno to investigate the reasons behind Va’lis’ notes would be hidden there. Isonu mentioned that he has been attacked by stealthy characters once he had retrieved partial entries of Va’lis’ journal from deep within the Dojo....Read More »

A Crypted Note Found

Dusk rose. Dragula and Alejandro had already risen, holding the perimeter in check. Harvey and I started our search, from the top down. Even through the decomposing bodies that had been there prior to our arrival and the ones we now added to the place, we had to fulfill our orders to...Read More »

The Shadow Sextant

The Shadow Sextant’s origins land it square in the heart of the Orient, back on Earth. The properties of it are as of yet unknown there. But here is Sosaria, the materials are easily recognizable as shadow ore. The ore will glow a shadowy hue whenever Balrons are present.  Of...Read More »

Copies Delivered

Sitting in Natasha’s office, waiting for her to finish with whomever she may have in her study, I was reading a copy of the Daily Britain. Seems that city has been very quiet as of late. New Monarch seems to be doing well… ooo I see a new spa coming...Read More »

The Search for A Clue

After the service for my daughter Saralyn, we gathered at the Bloody Brew. Isonu seemed anxious to tell me what he had been working on; the note we found at Fan Dancers that needed decryption. The threat of these bandits that seem to be rogue vampires created for a specific...Read More »

A Clue Among the Blood Stains

We gathered at the Tavern to talk about our excursion.  I was late.  It seems that trying to find adequate progeny in this land is proving to be a difficult task. I have been lurking about, surveying the land, trying to find someone that might be worth the journey.  I...Read More »

Forensic Report on Subject #VL277

Cherry Spy and Kagome’s find in the Blood Dungeon while they looked for the whereabouts of the so-called others was dropped off at my office for extensive detail. The request coming from our sovereign, Marius de Romanus, I put myself to quick work.

My initial suspicions were correct, the body was...Read More »

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