Kickstart Serum


Spritze mit Glasampullen und MedikamentenMarius de Romanus, graduating summa cum laude with a Doctorate’s degree in Biochemistry from Oxford in England, has sought out a way to make us mortal.  The need for us to be able to pass as mortals has grown, not so much on Earth where we’re still regarded as myths and legends, but more so in Sosaria where our validity as humans continues to be a topic of rumors and a rallied cry to those that stand against us for no other reason than their belief that we are inherently evil.  The realization that it is their treatment of us as a race that continues to perpetuate our treatment of them is something that we cannot easily change, if ever.  But our businesses and the people we employ come under great scrunity if we fail to provide proof of our mortality.



To find a way to safely turn vampires back to mortals, albeit briefly to ensure our hidden natures remain our secret.  Upon inspection by any medical physician, one would appear completely mortal, heart beat and all.


Breaking Through...

Mountains upon mountains of papers litter Marius’ desk. I have spent hours pouring over all of them, finally I believe I’ve made a break through, at least with countering the side effects of the Conduit Substance. I cant help but giggle with glee knowing it’s nothing more then simple potioneering....Read More »

Source Found

I walked into the lab completely drenched in soot, dirt, and ash. Va’lis was there reading through his father’s notes and journals. He looked up at me, “Did I miss a mud wrestling contest?” I gave him the flatest of flat looks as I placed a strongbox that also...Read More »

Finding a Purer Source

Va’lis was working in the lab already when I got there late last night.  I wanted to drop off another set of notes and books that Piper and I had found in Marius’ office at Romanus Manor. Of course his level of frustration was visible. Him and Piper just...Read More »

An Honest Conversation


Cherry walked into my office as I was trying to navigate the expedition of the application for the Razele Bloodline to be protected under House Romanus. She had something on her mind, “Oh sorry I can see you are busy, I’ll just… I’ll just come back some other time.” She...Read More »